Château Tour De Pez


Château Tour De Pez - Saint Estephe

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Château Tour De Pez


In 1989, the Bouchara family, stemming from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry buys the property. From her arrival, she undertakes heavy investments. Colossal works will so be begun with the restoration of the tower and the complete construction of the technical installations. The nobility of places so unites with the nobility of the wine thanks to the important and regular efforts undertaken in the vineyard. All the know-how of the team – from the vineyard to the bottle – finds itself in the tasting of wines of Tour de Pez. At the instigation of the Family Bouchara and of her team, the wine does not stop, vintage after vintage, winning in quality, in precision, and so in fame and in recognition of his peer. Château Tour de Pez is a member of the Alliance des Bourgeois and the Commanderie du Bontemps as well as the Cercle des Grands Vins Bordeaux.

The Soil

he property counts 30 hectares in production, splendidly situated on all the Saint-Estèphe applellation. The soil consists of 70 % of grave Girondists who touch a large part of the great names of this appellation, and argilo-calcareous grounds. Château Tour de Pez is the prototype of the solid and elegant wine, in compliance with the idea that we are made current Saint-Estèphe. Château Tour de Pez consists of four traditional vines of the Médoc. The property is crashed in 55 % of Merlot, 35 % of Cabernet Sauvignon, in 7 % of Cabernet Franc and in 3 % of Petit Verdot. The average age of the vineyard is of 35 years. The presence marked with Merlot brings completely atypical notes in Médoc, so offering to the great wine of the Château Tour de Pez, strong and remarkable identity. From now on twenty five years, a quality and thorough work allows year by year to produce wines deserving of a Grand Cru Classé.

Neat And Balanced Wines

A very well-kept work of grounds, a rigorous size of the vineyard and the green grape harvests allow a control of the yields (40 hl / ha) and a maturity optimum of grapes. Harvested manually, sorted out and severely selected on the vine stock then transported in trays of small volume (for the respect for berries, grapes are again sorted out manually upon their arrival in the cuvier on a vibrating table of sorting. They are then converted into wine in stainless tanks thermo regulated at low temperature, what allows a soft extraction and a maceration. The vatting lasts 3 in 4 weeks according to the vintage wines(years). The wine is then placed in barrels of French oaks (forest of Allier) among which 30 % is every year renewed. The breeding can last between 12 and 14 months.

The revelation of this soil gives wines fat and of an unequalled depth; tannins are silky, the term “vintage wine” takes here all its meaning, and its balance is good its first quality. At the instigation of the manager Franck Duprat and of the wuinemaker Eric Boissenot, we look for in every assembly to respect the vintage wine (year) but also to preserve the character of Tour de Pez. Château Tour de Pez chases the biggest with silky tannins and very good length in mouth. The nose is often powerful and fruity. As for the fleshy and velvety mouth, endowed with elegant tannins, she(it) reveals persistent aromas. Of approach and fast pleasure just like benefiting from a potential of important guard, Château Tour de Pez corresponds to the expectations of numerous consumers.


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