Louis Roederer

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  • 2012 Louis Roederer Cristal

    A new type of viticulture, carried out at full power, resonates deeply within this new vintage. This unusual and complex year gave birth to two cuvées, both intensely Cristal: a white and a rosé. Wines in which finesse, power, purity and elegance fill the entire space and once again relay the splendour of these chalk lands.

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  • 2012 Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé

    A precious, rare masterpiece, Cristal Rosé 2012 is a wine of slow construction, infused just like a great perfume. Tracing, in its own manner, the outline of a subtle setting, it reverberates with contrasts and flavours, judiciously intertwined in a powerful substance. It is the master of time, which reveals, at its own pace, the infinite harmony of flavours and textures that collide and invite each other to this eternal ballet.

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